Foreign Language Policy

The Turkish Education Association gives high priority to foreign language education, mainly English, by virtue of its mission to open English-medium schools, and regards the foreign language education offered to students in its schools as TED schools’ most important distinguishing feature . In TED schools, English education is given on the basis of the curriculum prepared taking Common European Framework as a reference. Different learning styles are taken into consideration and individual computer-based programmes are applied from kindergarten through the 12th grade, thus enabling students to receive international certificates.

Adopting the philosophy of life-long learning, the Turkish Education Association organises extensive in-service training programmes for the teachers so as to provide them with the opportunity of professional development. The Turkish Education Association shows the helpful, supportive and problem-solving approach that it has taken as its foreign language policy not only for the teachers and students in TED schools but also for the teachers and students in all state schools, organising seminars and workshops, within social responsibility projects, for the English teachers in many cities and providing English education for the students in state schools who are in financial need.

Applicants of native speakers of foreign languages must submit their CV/Resume, cover letter and their certificates to:

Applicants should state which TED School they want to work in their CV/Resume.

List of TED Schools

Applicants of native speakers of English are required to have a university degree in ELT, or TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, DELTA certificate.

Kızılırmak Caddesi No: 8 Kocatepe / ANKARA • T : 0312 939 50 00 • F : 0312 417 53 02