Since the day it was founded, the Turkish Education Association has always been aware that education does not only consist of schooling, and that it is possible to attain the level of contemporary civilization only through high-quality education combined with healthy social and cultural training. Bearing this in mind, the Turkish Education Association has established a powerful scholarship system to offer financial and moral support to students who are successful yet do not have sufficient financial means to continue their education, and as a result, it has awarded scholarships to about 48.000 students since its inception.

Knowing that every individual, lighting a ‘torch’ to support these students with his/her donations, is in fact removing the first obstacle for a successful future for them, the Turkish Education Association makes it possible for the scholarship donors – ‘torches of education’ and recipients – the “young torches” to come together. Hence, “today’s torches of education” are providing the means for the cultivation of “tomorrow’s torches of education”.
As a leading initiative in the realm of education in Turkey, The Turkish Education Association offers ‘full education scholarships’ which are different from others because the Turkish Education Association not only expects academic success from the students it awards scholarship to, but also strives to ensure that the students receiving scholarships become modern, patriotic and helpful individuals who are committed to Atatürk’s principles and sensitive to the national problems in the hope that they will offer the future solutions to these problems.

Full Education Scholarships

The Full Education Scholarship program was initiated in the 2003-2004 academic year to be awarded to ‘successful students in financial need’. Students are entitled to receive this scholarship based on their success in written and oral examinations and on home visits by specialists from the Turkish Education Association.
Students who are eligible for the scholarship receive education as day students if there are TED schools in their home province; otherwise, they are sent as boarding students to TED Karabük or TED Polatlı high schools.
A ‘full education scholarship’ covers the entire range of student expenses from tuition fees to books, stationery, transportation, food, clothing and housing until the end of their university education. In addition, specialists from the Association make sure that the scholarship students successfully adapt to their new lives, and they closely monitor the students’ academic success as well as their social and psychological development.

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