Dear Friends of Education,

The torch of the Turkish Education Association was lit by Atatürk, our great leader and the first President of the Turkish Republic, and it has been blazing since 1928. We have always felt privileged by this because our founding members were also the founders of the Turkish Republic, including the Prime Minister of that period. We have also felt the weight of our commitment which continues to compell us to pursue our mission with increasingly more creative and successful projects every year.

Modernization is often defined along three dimensions: a competitive economy based on technological development, a pluralistic democracy based on human rights, and a constitutional state effectively fulfilling all its functions, from justice and security to healthcare and education. In the current age of globalization, a country can maintain and reinforce its presence in all these areas only by cultivating well-educated individuals. For social and economic progress, we need people equipped with technological knowledge and skills as well as the awareness of democratic citizenship and commitment. This can only be ensured through an innovative and progressive education system based on a sound vision.

With the light of our ever-blazing torch, we aim to provide better educational opportunities primarily for Turkish children in need of financial support, thus contributing to the cultivation of leading individuals in our society. Ever since its inception, the Turkish Education Association has been committed to this ideal and strives to take its efforts to  further and more successful stages  every  day.

Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu
Turkish Education Association President


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