Sevinç Atabay

Sevinç Atabay started to work in the Education and Training Board of the Ministry of National Education in 1980 and served as Education Attache in Chicago/ USA between 1991 and 1993. In the Education and Training Board of the Department of Program Development, she worked in the areas like development and implementation of foreign language programs, enhancement of early-age language-learning methods and was the Chairman of the Book Writing Comissions.

Atabay who worked as General Coordinator of Community Programs at General Secretary of the EU and studied the areas of introducing US educational policies, retired after 27 years of public service as a member of the Board of Education and Training and the US General Secretary in January 2006.

Atabay who is currently the General Director of the Turkish Education Association and a member of the EU Team which was formed for understanding the European Union, has publications about English training and EU educational policies. (e-Country-e-Europe 2005, the European Union Training Program, Comenius-School Education, What does 6th Frame Program Bring to Turkey?, Education in the Accession Process to the European Union, the European Union Education and Youth Programs, the European Union Education Policy). She is married and has one child.