Established in 1928, Turkish Education Association is the first and pioneering civil society organization in education in Turkey. TED carries out its activities on three main axes by establishing schools and raising highly-qualified students, providing equal opportunities in education by awarding scholarships and contributing its views to Turkish education system.

Currently, TED ecosystem has more than 45 schools across Turkey. TED aims to expand its school network by opening new schools. However, TED is also planning to support organizational capacities of other private schools in Turkey and abroad by offering consultancy services.
TED Accreditation Program: Applicant schools with the necessary qualifications can transform into TED Schools, if they successfully complete a transition period that will last at least two academic years.
Institutional Education Consultancy: Private schools can benefit from TED’s guidance in the fields of human resources processes, curriculum development and foreign language education.
Institutional Education Consultancy for Pre-Schools: This consultancy service aims that pre-school education institutions become more qualified with the TED Preschool Education Program. Not only on-going pre-school institutions, also individuals and organizations that are still in the investment stage can also benefit from this consultancy service.
English Language Education Consultancy for Schools: This consultancy service aims to contribute the development of English language education programs of private schools. Eligible private schools can benefit from the know-how of TED's foreign language experts for two academic years.
School Start-up Consultancy: Investors who want to open private schools are offered the opportunity to benefit from TED's institutional know-how regarding the stages of the school opening process. Within the scope of this consultancy service, guidance is given on physical structure examination, architectural structure planning and school opening process. School Opening Process Consultancy should ideally be requested for schools whose investment plans have been made but the construction process has not yet started.

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