27 September 2023

We are visiting our founder Atatürk on October 10th!

8 February 2023

Earthquake Aid Campaign Information

Those who want to help people injured in the earthquake […]
8 March 2022

TED Torch in Üsküdar!

The introductory meeting of TED Üsküdar College was held on […]
8 March 2022

TEDMEM 2021 Education Evaluation Report Has Been Released!

We are happy to share the 2021 Education Evaluation Report, […]
8 March 2022

Turkish Education Association is 94 years old!

As the TED Family, we have been proudly carrying our […]
8 March 2022

1 million TL afforestation support from the Turkish Education Association

Last summer, we experienced fire and flood disasters in our […]
8 March 2022

Turkish Education Association – Bolu and Düzce Öncü Schools Completion Ceremony of TED Accreditation was held

Turkish Education Association – Bolu and Düzce Öncü Schools TED […]
8 March 2022

Applications to Turkish Education Association Full Education Scholarship Exam Have Started

The applications to the exam, to be executed on February […]
8 March 2022

TED Torch in Bandırma!

TED Bandırma College is meeting its students in the 2022-2023 […]
8 March 2022

We commemorate November 10 with respect, love and longing..

8 March 2022

Happy 29 October Republic Day!

9 April 2021

We are running Marathon in Izmir on April 11, 2021

We invite you to run to support the education of […]
8 April 2021

March 18 Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs’ Day

On the 106th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, We Commemorate […]
8 April 2021

Turkish Education Association is 93 years old!

15 December 2020

Happy Teacher’s Day…

We are proud of being the highest donation receiving non-governmental […]
15 December 2020

19 TED Schools Directors Meeting Held

The 19th TED Schools Directors Meeting was held on a […]
15 December 2020

Love,Respect and Longing

We commemorate with love, respect and longing
15 December 2020

Maraton İzmir ‘I’m Running for You’ Campaign Has Ended.

Our donation campaign “I’m running for you” Maraton İzmir has […]