The Turkish Education Association designs, carries out and manages unique projects with national and international organizations in all dimensions from preschool to higher education in the field of education with the awareness of social responsibility. The projects developed and carried out as a non-governmental organization have two objectives:

- To develop childrens' social, cultural and athletic skills.

- To make financial and scientific contribution to our educational life.

From this point forth, the Turkish Education Association is open to discussing opportunities for carrying out projects and cooperating with all individuals and organizations who are compatible with the association's mission and vision.

  • Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Program

  • Virtual Classroom Project

  • Turkish Youth Learn English - TYLE

  • English Access Microscholarship Program

  • Access Summer Camp, Access Alumni Leadership Summit, TYLE Summer Camp

  • Access Off-Site Immersion Program

  • Technical Assistance on Continuation of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

  • Classroom of the Future Project

  • Success is Everywhere Project

  • The Insurance of Education: Our Teachers

  • Engendering an Equal Future

  • Our Folk Songs With Their Stories