The Turkish Education Association provides scholarships to successful students who do not have access to a qualified education due to financial difficulties.

One of the main objectives of democratic regimes is to utilize educational services for all segments of the society by providing equal opportunities in education. Since its establishment, the Turkish Education Association one of whose main aims is "to contribute to equal opportunities in education and to educate well-equipped generations" has been providing scholarships to successful students with limited financial means.

Article 5 - a of the Association's Constitution: Providing education opportunity for ethical, insightful and hardworking Turkish children who are unable to receive education due to being an orphan or lack of financial means.
The scholarship system of the Turkish Education Association differs from the existing scholarship applications throughout the country in terms of its scope. The scope of this scholarship which is called Full Education Scholarship (FES) is very comprehensive; therefore it is unique.

Full Education Scholarship

The Full Education Scholarship whose students are selected with the interviews (home visits) conducted after the centralized exams that are held throughout Turkey covers not only school fees; but also all expenses including pocket money, transportation service, food, book-stationery, clothing, and dormitory (if the student is a boarding student).

Scholarships of the students who are qualified to be included in the system, get educated and graduate from TED Schools continue to be granted during their university education. In addition, in the system where internship and career follow-up of university students are carried out, the placement processes of graduate students are supported and monitored. Up until today 50.000 students have benefited from the TED Scholarship System.

Full Support Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to academically successful students who study at public schools and have limited financial means. In addition to academic and psycho-social follow-up of these students, activities are organized to support their social and cultural development.

Within the scope of the Full Support Scholarship;
• Student's transition to the interview stage is assessed by considering the score obtained from High School Entrance Exam,
• Candidates who receive positive evaluations by the Turkish Education Association are included in the scholarship system,
• Students' are given book-stationery, clothing and pocket money support,
• Besides academic support, students are given sports and arts trainings determined by specialist educators,
• A free shuttle service is provided for the transportation of students in all activities to be held within the scope of the Full Support Scholarship,
• Students are allowed to participate in cultural and art activities (ballet, theater, opera, concerts, etc.) during their scholarship period,
• Students' personal development is supported by seminars given by experts,
• Students with disabilities who are included in the Full Support Scholarship benefit from all the facilities mentioned above, and in addition to this, a special service is provided for the students.

Support Scholarship

The scholarship system is prominent since the establishment of the association, and is intended to cover the pocket money of primary, middle, high school and university students. The Turkish Education Association helps students affected by disasters such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and mine disasters.