The campaign started by the Turkish Education Association, "10,000 Young Torches, A Brighter Turkey" is giving students Full Education Scholarships. Students, who are given Full Education Scholarship, are studying within the scope of TED's mission in line with patriotic highly qualified, solution-oriented, are trained as leaders individuals. In theTurkish Education Association Full Education Scholarship not just the financial support to the student is provided but also all the education expenses of the student are covered, therefore, the costs are increased.
All education, accommodation (if boarding), service, food, book-stationery, clothing and pocket money are provided. The average cost of a student for an academic year is 19,400 TL. 4.500 TL of this amount is taken from the benefactor and the rest is covered by the Association.
If you want to illuminate these young people with your light, you can light a torch individually or in groups.
You can pay 450 TL for 10 months individually or you can come together as a group and give support by lighting a torch from sparks.
You can follow the social and academic development of the student that you support the education of on with the username and password given to you.
If you wish to leave the scholarship application, you should inform the Directorate of Scholarships and Scholarship Students before June.

(It is aimed to support a student who starts to receive a scholarship from the 5th grade until the end of university education for approximately 12 years.)