The aim of the Campaign
The purpose of the campaign; To provide educational scholarship, psychosocial support and educational material support to children who lost their fathers in the mine disaster on 13 May 2014 and who are continuing their education.
The Scope of the Campaign
The children of the workers who lost their lives in the mine disaster were given educational scholarships. These scholarships will end with the completion of high school. Successful students will continue their scholarships in university after evaluations.
Turkish Education Association, within the scope of the educational scholarship;
  • Providing a total of 1,500 TL in cash for 10 months for each parent (150 TL per month during their education) (the MoNE scholarship fees will be renewed annually at the rate of increase) and informing the local administrative authority at the end of the campaign with the exact budget details,
  • To ensure that the students who are psychologically and academically eligible are taught at TED Schools within the framework of the permission of the family,
  • Provision of special support and educational material (book-stationery, etc.) to children and families in need of psychosocial urgency,
  • Following the academic achievement of the children who receive scholarship,

  • is responsible for these.
    In addition to the families of the students who are given scholarships, those in primary school; In addition to supporting some of the secondary and high school level with their families; boarding education is provided in TED Schools with boarding (considering the quota status of the schools).
    Campaign Details
    As of March 2019 within the scope of the campaign;
    A total of 186 students were provided with educational scholarships.
    2 students graduated from TED Schools.
    Legal Information
    The Turkish Education Association was established on 31.01.1928 and was included in the status of Yararlı Public Beneficial Association ile with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 12.12.1939 and numbered 2/412 and still continues this status.
    ( )
    In addition, our Association has been granted the right to collect unauthorized aid by a decision of the Council of Ministers. It is required that the organizations granted the right to carry out aid collection without the permission of the Council of Ministers shall notify the relevant local authorities in accordance with Article 5 of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures for Assistance Collection, and that the local authorities should be audited.
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    In accordance with the mission of the Turkish Education Association and its responsibility within the framework of the provisions of the Aid Collection Law No. 2860, it will carry out its duty in this campaign by giving all kinds of material and moral support as a Republican Institution aware of its conscientious and legal responsibilities. Turkish Education Association will share with the public the amount of cash aid transferred from its own resources.
    The donations collected in the campaign for the purpose of educational scholarship will be spent in accordance with the purpose of the campaign and the final budget details will be notified to the Regional Directorate.
    As a result of the notification, the Ministry of Interior will be audited in accordance with the Circular No. 2005/38.