Why Should I Contribute to the Turkish Education Association?

  • The Turkish Education Association considers the contribution to the growth of secular, democratic, free-thinking, participatory, creative, helpful and happy individuals who protect the principles of the Republic as the most important investment for Turkey.

  • It is a citizenship responsibility to protect the future of the country by contributing to a non-governmental organization working for the further development of the Turkish education system.

  • It is a privilege to be a stakeholder with a non-governmental organization that is powerful, established, respected and is working to achieve measurable results in education.

  • This scholarship system which continues until the end of university education and by which all education expenses, accommodation, food, books, stationery, clothing and pocket money, are met is unique in Turkey.

  • Graduates of the Turkish Education Association Schools are in key positions in business, arts, sports and the academic world today and are volunteer supporters of all projects of the Turkish Education Association.

  • Ansolon