TEDMEM, established on November 27, 2012 within the framework of the vision and mission of the Turkish Education Association, is an independent think tank that aims to produce evidence-based research data, ideas, publications and projects for the education system and to present its results to the public.

TEDMEM considers decision-makers, administrators, teachers, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, academics and private sector representatives as valuable stakeholders; In addition to shedding light on current educational problems, it also plays an important role in determining the education agenda.

Our aim is to serve all the children of this country for a happier future. While carrying out this service, TEDMEM sets as a goal to go beyond the usual knowledge and thought patterns in education policies. The studies adopt an approach that focuses not only on the current but also on the future.

The studies carried out by TEDMEM aim to provide innovative solution suggestions with a constructive approach to education problems, to contribute to education policies and to create an impact on the development of the education system.

For More Information http://www.tedmem.org/